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Items 1-30 of 55

What is a bed skirt? Often referred to as a dust ruffle, a bed skirt is a fabric cloth that drapes around the sides of the box spring of a bed, covering the empty space between the floor and the underside of the bed. Ruffled and tailored bed skirts are used to decorate a bed, usually in a color that matches either the linen or the general room decor. They can be matched with decorative pillow shams- king and queen sized, which are used to add an elegant look to just about any bed. Shop Bedding has a huge selection of bed skirts in many colors with many different styles to choose from. Bed skirts are also great at hiding clutter. Are you the kind of person that likes to use the empty areas under the bed for storage? A bed skirt will cover up all that, leaving your room looking neat and orderly. Need a place to hide those Christmas gifts for the kids? A bed skirt will cover up those boxes, leaving them safe until the holiday. Dust ruffles also keep dust and dirt out from underneath the beds, keeping those areas where vacuum cleaners can't reach free from dust and other allergens. With quality ruffled and pleat bed skirts starting at only $16.99, you can get one for just about any bed in the house, and they will fit beautifully with your pillow shams. From the king and queen size beds in the master bedroom, to the day bed in the parlor, a king or queen sized bed skirt is an inexpensive way to really add a touch of class to your home.