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7 Ideas For Women to Spin Off The “Man Cave”

The Need for a Wo-Man Cave

“Man Caves” are a thing every guy dreams about owning one day. Man Caves are notoriously known as dark, musty rooms packed with sports paraphernalia, a large cigar and whiskey collection, more leather (covering chairs, tables, couches, walls, anything) than should be legal, maybe a few animal heads, and of course the ubiquitous pool/billiards table.

As great as that sounds to you guys, us ladies also need a place of our own. We may humor you with your cute idea of building a man cave, but if you really want your über masculine space, then guess what, we get our über femme place. And if we do get our way, here’s what WE would put in our beautiful Closet on Steroids.

1. A Crafts Area

We love our crafts, whether it be graphics on the computer, photo-editing from a night out with the girls, drawing doodles, beading or sewing, we need one place to keep it all organized and accessible. And, no crafts area is complete without a black-board-magnetic-painted wall to keep track of our creative ideas.

2. A Comfy Love Seat with Throws and Pillows Galore

Sometimes when we’d rather be inspired than let our inspiration flow, we may pick up a book or our laptop and plop down in a heavenly love seat. The more throws and pillows garnishing this lounge of love, the better.

3. A Book Nook

The need to crawl into a cozy small reading nook, full of our favorite love stories, epic adventures, and biographies of people who inspire and captivate, never leaves us. A book nook is the best addition a closet on steroids can have for those of us who love to curl up like a cat and get lost in yet another amazing story.

4. The Battle Station

There’s a whole section on Pinterest devoted to the best lady battle stations. A battle station is what we call our ‘makeup area.’ It’s a rather appropriate verbiage for some of us who definitely duke it out with our eyeliner every morning. Being that we begin every day here, it’s an essential piece of our closet on steroids.

5. The Cocktail Corner

Just because we’re ladies, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a drink like the guys do. Fill your cocktail corner with your favorite mixed drinks, wines, spirits or a keg. Yum!

6. A Window Seat

Deep thought is best done looking out into nature… or a busy street if nature isn’t your thing. Really, its just nice having a window to look out of to stalk your neighbors or watch the planes fly over, so put a comfy seat there and throw some more miss-matched pillows and funky quilts on it!

7. Glorious Twinkly Lighting

Nothing beats great lighting to set the mood of your closet. Florescent lights hurt the eyes; candles on their own are too dark and rather risky for those of us who love hanging tapestries, so go instead with great string lighting. It sets the mood perfectly for cozy nights and a cup of tea, or to calm you after a hard days work.

All Of These Together? HEAVEN

Bottom line, let the man have their man caves, as long as we get our woman caves too!  As you can certainly tell, woman caves blow man caves right out of the water.

The Top 5 Appropriate Bedroom Movie Scenes

While some movies need a wide-angle lens to showcase their panoramic views of Middle Earth or T. E. Lawrence’s Arabian desert vistas, others zoom in to focus on the most intimate scenes. Movies often feature glimpses of bedrooms during pivotal moments in characters’ stories or deliver a subtle commentary on their personalities. Some of Hollywood’s bedroom scenes have become iconic moments in film; others are played for a laugh. These scenes are some of the silver screen’s most memorable.

The Exorcist

The majority of this intense horror film about possession and redemption takes place in the afflicted girl’s bedroom. Linda Blair got her big break in the movie and was one of the youngest Academy Award nominees in history for her work as Regan. Although it was made in 1973, the movie’s scenes of Regan’s head rotating to an inhuman angle, the girl floating above her bed and the infamous projectile pea soup are still considered high points of the horror genre.

The Green Mile

Originally by Stephen King, this supernatural drama follows the tragedy of gentle John Coffey, played by Michael Clarke Duncan, and the false accusations that send him to prison. Coffey has an immensely powerful gift for healing, and in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes, he uses his gift to heal the warden’s terminally ill wife as she lies on her deathbed.

Gone with the Wind

The classic 1939 movie had a sweeping scope, but two of its most heartrending scenes happen in quiet moments in bedrooms. After the tempestuous relationship between Rhett and Scarlett drives him away to England, he returns to find his wife expecting their second child. Instead of a joyous moment, it’s the start of a fight, and Scarlett takes a tumble after trying to attack him. Delirious with pain, she calls for him, but he never knows, leaving generations of viewers wondering how different things might have been if he’d heard her.

Scarlett survives, but gentle Melanie Wilkes isn’t as lucky. Weakened from labor, she calls for those she loves to share a few kind words before dying. Her death makes Scarlett realize the truth about her love for Rhett, giving him the opening to deliver one of Hollywood’s most famous parting lines.

The Princess Bride

Not all bedroom scenes are part of the story they tell. Although viewers see a young boy hearing a bedtime story, the real tale takes place between the book’s covers as his grandfather reads it. Initially, young Fred Savage’s character balks at hearing about the budding romance between Princess Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts, but he’s eventually so captivated by the story that he asks to hear it again tomorrow.

Despicable Me

Another bedtime story scene has become a new favorite for animated film lovers. Grouchy Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, never expected to have three orphaned girls sharing a home with him. When the girls won’t go to sleep without a bedtime story, he reads them a finger-puppet book. For viewers, the scene’s a perfect mix of humor and heart that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

What Does It All Mean?!

Bedrooms in Hollywood mean more than romance. They open a window on characters’ personal lives and reveal a glimpse of who they truly are. So get your mind out of the gutter, and learn to really “see” a movie!

Top 5 TV Scenes That Occurred In Dreams

We all know that the right bedding can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep and thus the quality of your dreams.  With that connection in mind, we decided to dive in to the world of dreams on the small screen.

Even when The Wizard of Oz was fresh in theaters, the “it was all a dream” trope was getting old. Writers have learned to avoid excusing outlandish events with dream rationale because it tells the viewer that what they were watching wasn’t important. That said, dream sequences can work powerfully on both the big and small screen. Here are the top five TV scenes that turned out to be dreams.

#5: SNL Deconstructs the Dream

Some of Saturday Night Live’s most creative sketches happened within the context of their digital shorts. “The Mirror” parodies the overuse of nightmare sequences to get cheap scares from the audience. In the short, Ellen Page plays a girl who sees a zombie in the bathroom, only to wake up from her nightmare in a cold sweat. This happens again and again until we’re not sure who’s dreaming what.

#4: Tony In a Coma

David Chase made ample use of dream sequences in his HBO masterpiece, “The Sopranos.” Perhaps none were as effective as Tony’s sixth-season dream of a different life, far away from the violence of the mafia. The dreamscape puts Tony in the role of a traveling salesman while his body remains on a hospital bed back in the real world.

#3: Mork From Ork

Some of the best dream sequences in TV and movie history leave doubt as to whether the events really occurred or not. This happened on a later season episode of “Happy Days” when Richie Cunningham had an encounter with the mysterious Mork from Ork. While the events of the show are revealed to be a dream, Mork got his own spinoff show, seemingly legitimizing his reality. “Mork and Mindy” went on to become a big hit in its own right, vaulting Robin Williams to superstardom.

#2: Bob Newhart Flips the Script

Bob Newhart is one of the few television performers who can legitimately claim to have had two hit sitcoms. After finishing up “The Bob Newhart Show,” he went on to star in “Newhart” as the proprietor of a small New England bed and breakfast. The final scene of the series framed the entirety of the show as a dream when Newhart woke up next to his original TV wife, Suzanne Pleshette. The show is often cited as one of the most effective TV finales of all time.

#1: Bobby Ewing Takes a Shower

When Patrick Duffy left “Dallas” after season eight, producers were forced to take the show in a new direction. They killed off Duffy’s Bobby Ewing and built season nine off the events of his death. When Duffy decided to return for the 10th season, the writers had to come up with an explanation for his absence. The scene of Victoria Principal opening the shower door to find her husband inside has gone on to become a truly legendary moment in TV history.

The Unsurpassed Elegance & Comfort of Satin Sheets

“Sheer” Comfort

Smooth Satin Sheet SetFew things are more luxurious than satin bedding. From the elegant shine and classic beauty of the material to the soft, sumptuous feeling against the skin, satin sheets bring true luxury to the bedroom, transforming the look of a room and facilitating comfort and rest. Incorporating a satin sheet set into your bedroom décor is an easy and economical way to maximize your room’s peaceful atmosphere and comfort potential.

Satin sheets provide a unique tactile sensation with a combination of unusual softness and coolness. Perfect for a warm summer night cool silk satin refreshes skin and does not stick to skin that is overly warm or damp. Instead, it glides over the skin and provides just the right amount of covering without adding heat. However, satin bedding also warms up nicely in cooler weather, making it the perfect choice for bedding from season to season.

Skin Benefits

Even skin that is dry and itchy can find cool relief in between a satin sheet set. Such bedding is known for being the most comfortable against bare skin. Because the silk satin sheets make it possible to move effortlessly in bed without getting tangled up or having the problem of twisted sheets, the body can rest peacefully and awake feeling renewed and restored.

Once you have experienced your first satin sheet set, you are unlikely to go back to plain old cotton, as it would almost be an offense to your body. Treating oneself to satin bedding takes your sleeping experience to the next level of comfort—comfort that is unmatched by the run-of-the-mill cotton sheets. Even cotton sheets with a high thread count pale in comparison to the opulence and luxury of satin sheets.
Romantic Satin Sheets

Marriage Benefits

Even the couple that has been married for years can rejuvenate their night with new satin bedding. Silk satin has been known to play the role of both aphrodisiac and soother, as it provides unmatched comfort and softness that automatically puts the body in a happier place. Experiencing sleepless nights? Satin sheets may provide the comfort you need to drift off to sleep in no time.

Selection Matters!

Shop Bedding offers satin sheet sets that possess the beauty and comfort one can expect only from satin. With products made of high-quality polyester satin, Shop Bedding’s products have a lovely, smooth finish that has exceptional longevity, even after extensive wash and wear. The online store offers a full-line of satin bedding such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, and pillow shams, with products available in even hard to find sizes. You can also find bedding in the perfect hue to match your bedroom decor or your mood with a selection of rich and vibrant colors including red, black, white, champagne, gold and jewel blue.

Don’t believe me?  See for yourself at our store and enjoy the comfort of satin sheets for yourself!

Benefits of Satin Pillowcases For Hair

Hair Benefits

They may be smooth, soft, and luxurious, but satin pillowcases also mean big benefits for the condition of your hair. Rather than searching for the perfect hair care product, selecting silk or satin pillowcases as part of your bedding is a simple and budget-friendly way to give your hair the special treatment it deserves.

Zippered Satin Pillowcases

From minimizing hair matting and even breakage that can result from sleeping on a pillow with cotton covering to maintaining the hair’s moisture balance, a satin pillow case extends the life of your hairstyle and may reduce the amount of time you spend on your hair each morning.

Thanks to today’s hairstyle trends, many people use harsh chemicals and treatments, such as highlights, perms, and straightening techniques, to achieve the look they see in magazines and in Hollywood. The result is beautiful but damaged hair. A surprising fact is that a cotton pillowcase may actually be the culprit of additional damage to the hair.

Although cotton may seem like a soft fabric, it absorbs moisture from the hair throughout the night, resulting in dry, brittle hair. Making matters worse, moving one’s head around on the cotton material causes tangling and hair breakage as the fabric pulls individual strands of hair. Unlike cotton, a satin pillowcase for hair care provides a smooth surface for the hair strands to slide with ease and without tangling or snagging.

As if the hair benefits are not enough, satin pillowcases also help fight against the signs of aging on your skin. What began as a simple crease in your face after a goodnight’s sleep may result in a deep wrinkle on the skin’s surface over time. However, a satin or silk pillow covering prevents these creases and wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with the smooth skin you want to see when you look in the mirror.

Finding the right satin pillowcase is simple when you visit Shop Bedding. From king size satin pillowcases to discount satin pillowcases, you can find what you need to make your sleeping experience a spa-like rest as you protect and improve your hair and skin each night.

These soft and sumptuous pillow covers feature a hidden zipper and are available in more than twenty colors including black, pink, red, gold, and brown. With these additions to your bedding set, beauty sleep takes on new meaning.

For more information about satin pillowcases or the benefits of satin pillowcases, visit the shop online at Shop Bedding, or check out the video below for those of you visual learners!

Special Benefits For Chemo Patients

Undergoing chemotherapy is often an uncomfortable and difficult time for someone with cancer, and it is important to find ways to improve quality of life and make the experience a little less challenging. One simple way to make a difference is sleeping with a satin pillowcase.

Although it may not take away the discomfort of all chemotherapy side effects, a soft, cool satin pillowcase provides unexpected comfort as well as a way to create less pull on delicate hair strands. The rate of chemotherapy hair loss can actually decrease when choosing satin over cotton or another fabric. Materials such as cotton blends and linen can pull and snag the individual hair strands, which may result in losing clumps of hair during the night.

The American Cancer Society recommends the use of a satin pillowcase to provide this chemo symptom relief. As well as aiding in the problem of hair loss and chemo, the satin fabric is an excellent remedy for the dry skin condition many experience during treatment. Rather than absorbing the moisture from the skin like cotton, satin helps the skin to maintain moisture, creating a balance and making skin more comfortable.

These satin pillowcases make thoughtful gifts for friends or loved ones who are going through chemotherapy. It is a gift that they will use each night to experience relief from unpleasant side effects and symptoms. allows you to easily find the type, size and color of pillowcase you need to treat yourself or a friend to something that is both luxurious and practical.

Sleeping in luxury is what Shop Bedding is all about. Silky smooth pillow covers add an extravagant touch to any bedroom and come in more than twenty colors including black, pink, red, gold, and brown – all with a hidden zipper for easy care.