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Personalize with Pooch Portraits

A lovable poodle. John Leslie from London, UK (Wikimedia Commons)

A regal dog (Valerie Leonard)

Love your dog? Do you love him enough to decorate your living room with his adorable mug? Some dog owners these days are translating their love for their dog into works of art, comissioning pooch portraits that range from adorable to laugh-out-loud kitschy. Below, check out a small sample of the artists who are actively working in this unique portrait field.

Regal Glory. Ordering a customized portrait from Valerie Leonard will get your pooch the Mona Lisa treatment. Leonard, who specializes in classic oil paintings, creates elaborate and realistic portraits of dogs lounging around in historic clothing reminiscent of the clothing you find on the aristocratic subjects painted by the European Old Masters. Your dog could be draped in an ermine stole, wear a gold pocket watch, or maybe model some napoleon era battle gear. Regardless of Leonard’s clothing choices, your dog’s portrait will certainly serve as a tongue in cheek conversation starter.

Pop art fun. If you’re more into contemporary painting, Brooklyn based artist Dean Russo can create a pop art portrait of your pooch that’s light, colorful, and very visually interesting. His doggie portraits sizzle with loud colors, pychadelic images and funky squiggles.

Elaborate Ink. Comissioning a portrait from Valentina Harper, on the other hand, will get you a South American influenced portrait of your puppy to hang by your mantelpiece. Harper, who is Veneuelan, usng black ink to create elaborately detailed portraits of man’s best friend.

Whatever your taste in art may be, there’s an artist who can help meet your doggie vision, and what better way to personalize a room in your home than a funky image of the most beloved critter living there? These artists are only a small sampling of doggie portrait artists working in the field today. To find just the right artist that suits the taste of both you and your best buddy, head over to Etsy or Pinterest to view the sample portraits of dog loving artists from all around the world.

Bedside Tables – Style Within Reach

A nightstand, or bedside table, is a small table or cabinet designed to be placed beside a bed or elsewhere in a bedroom. It serves as easy storage within reach or a tabletop for convenience.

Before indoor flushing toilets became commonplace, the main function of a bedside table was to contain a commode pot. As a result, early nightstands were often small cabinets, sometimes fitted with a drawer, and usually containing an enclosed storage space below covered by one or more doors. Modern nightstands are usually small bedside tables, often with a drawer. They are used to support items that might be useful during the night, such as a lamp, alarm clock, mobile phone, books, a glass of water, or medication. Bedside tables have come a long way and now add style and design to a bedroom (and without the stench of their previous uses). Nightstands can be bought in almost any color and finish, and can match a modern or even antique bedroom furniture style.

This classic, elegant bedside table can be found on Elle Decor

Anglesey End Table

Nightstands are conveniently affordable, and most bedroom furniture sets are not complete without a stand to place on each side of the bed. Read a book by lamp light, keep a pen and paper in the drawer for to-do lists, and place decorative picture frames on the shelf. Handy and fashionable nightstands are practical as well as decorative. You can easily create a theme for your whole room around this useful piece of furniture. Use the nightstand as a decorative piece in addition to its sensible function as furniture. This contemporary bedside table will add a flair to any bedroom: Midcentury Nighstand by West Elm

Convenience and storage are only a few benefits of practical bedside tables. A bedroom furniture suit is not complete without at least one or two.

The Proper Usage & Effects of Aromatherapy

I had heard of aromatherapy in the past, but it was not until my best friend treated herself for depression that I realized its full potential. Aromatherapy can have quite a few positive effects on a person. If aromatherapy is used properly, it can provide relief for a multitude of physical and psychological conditions.  In addition, it’s a great romantic complement to satin bedding and the like :)

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and candles for psychological, physical and spiritual wellness. The system works by invoking chemical changes in the brain through the sense of smell. Each oil or candle scent has a different effect on the psyche. My friend alternated between inhaling the oils and applying some of them to her skin.

Physical Effects of Aromatherapy

One of the most beneficial effects of aromatherapy is increased energy. Peppermint is an ideal aromatherapy product for increased energy. It has properties that continuously combat fatigue. Peppermint can be a lifesaver if you suffer from depression. My friend used peppermint in the morning so that she could awaken her mind and keep her body energized for her work shift. Peppermint is also effective for muscle aches and pains. It can be used as a treatment for gym injuries and illnesses such as the flu.

Aromatherapy Oils

Courtesy of Naomi King

The scent of roses is as pleasing as it is beneficial for sleep promotion. Its soothing qualities can help you fall asleep if you are suffering from insomnia or the effects of depression keep you up at night. Additionally, it has properties that can place you in a pleasant mood. Other scents that are notable for their uplifting properties are bergamot, cypress, lemongrass, lavender, jasmine, spruce, orange, rosemary and sage. The key to using aromatherapy properly is finding the scents that you enjoy smelling the most.

Conditions that involve overexcitement and nervousness need aromatherapy scents that can calm the nerves. Examples of such items are chamomile, sandalwood, and neroli. Geranium is also excellent for calming the nerves.

Ginger has been long known for its anti-nausea properties. It can be an amazing assistant with conditions such as the flu. Ginger is also a great element to use during the first trimester of pregnancy where nausea is prevalent.

You can use aromatherapy products as an alternative treatment for allergies and asthma. Eucalyptus is one of the most powerful ingredients for decongestion. It can be a powerful force if you use it in conjunction with other products such a humidifier.

Using Aromatherapy Effectively

As mentioned above, the most common way to use aromatherapy is by inhaling the oils. You can inhale the same scent or create a powerful blend and inhale it as needed. Inhaling the blend four times a day is great way to treat your condition. Alternatively, you can rub the oils on your skin or have someone perform a massage on you with the oils. Aromatherapy baths are great for the psyche as well. You can mix the oils with honey and add the mixture to hot bathwater for a relaxing or refreshing bath.

What are bed skirts used for? Do you need a bed skirt?

bone-eyelet-ruffled-bed-cornerChances are that you’ve seen bedskirts (also called “dust ruffles”) before, but what is a bed skirt? Do you really need a bed skirt, or is this item simply a decorative piece that has no real purpose? If you’re wondering whether or not to purchase a bed skirt, take a look at the many reasons why bedskirts are far more than just pieces of pretty fabric.

Historically, bed skirts were used to hide misshaped bed posts and box springs, but later these bedroom linens took on a whole new purpose. When those people who had bedskirts also had less bedroom bugs, it was discovered that a bed skirt has the ability to deflect dust and dust particles that would otherwise gather underneath a bed.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, the fact of the matter is that dust attracts bed bugs and dust mites, and these critters can wind up inside of your mattress if they are not eliminated. A bed skirt may not get rid of every bug, but you’ll certainly have a lot less of them! Even though bed skirts now have a practical purpose, they still come in many decorative shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

300TC Sateen Stripe Tailored Bed Skirt

The 300 Thread Count Sateen Stripe Tailored Bed Skirt

In fact, today’s bed skirts are more luxurious than ever before. Yet, thanks to modern technology, contemporary dust ruffles are still entirely practical. For example, the bed skirt pictured and linked to above is made from lavish sateen available in a variety of colors, though it can still be washed inside of a washing machine and dried in a regular dryer.


Eyelet ruffled bed skirt

Contemporary bedskirts also come in a number of different styles ranging from plain ruffled bed skirts to ruffled bed skirts with small detailing such as the Eyelet Ruffled Bed Skirt . The main difference between a tailored bedskirt and a bed skirt that has ruffles is the style preference of the buyer. If you want to create a traditional space, then a tailored bedskirt is probably your best bet. If you want to create a space that’s a bit more fancy, a ruffled bed skirt is the way to go. Bed skirts used to be reserved for those who could afford to spend a large amount of money on home decor. However, this is not the case today.

Bed skirts now come in a variety of prices ranging from dust ruffles that are made from expensive fabrics to those that are made from natural cotton. The best part about contemporary bed skirts is that even affordable models look like deluxe items. Thanks to the many available patterns and styles that bed skirts are available in, you can create a stylish room on a limited budget.


Grape poly cotton ruffled bed skirt

You’ll find that there are a number of different dust ruffles ranging from contemporary to classic. You’ll also find many sizes to select from so that you can protect your bed no matter how big or small your bed may be.

What Your Bedroom Color Says About You

I’ve been trying to find a way to change my bedroom look lately. I’ve found some interesting theories about color and how color affects our moods. For instance:

Neutral colors – Neutral colors like soft browns, beiges and greens make a room feel warm and cozy. These colors are often associated with nature. If you love to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, considering painting the walls a soft green and using neutral colors for bedspreads and pillow shams.

Blue/Green – Blue and green are soothing colors which brings a peaceful feeling of a water environment.

Pink – Expect to see pink in a little girl’s room only? Well, pink is a great accent color and offers a great deal of sophistication and glamour.

– Lavender and gold are a great combination. Lavender is calming, while the gold feels luxurious and sexy. Think about adding satin sheets and satin bed skirts.

Gold Satin Linen Sheets Set Are Perfect for Great Romance

Gold Satin Linen Sheets Set Are Perfect for Great Romance

A little color goes a long way to create a peaceful or sophisticated bedroom. Think about your favorite color, and what you’d like to see in your bedroom, then find the perfect sheets and comforters to add that color!