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3 Great Costume Ideas Using Old Bed Sheets

While most of the little boys in our neighborhood wanted to be superheroes for Halloween, my son wanted to dress as his favorite fruit: grapes. After driving to several costume retailers and not being able to find what we were looking for, I decided it was time to seek alternative options. I researched homemade costumes and found an array of cheap and simple methods of creating my sons look as well as many others. Utilizing some old beds sheets and a couple of other materials, I was able to create a fantastic bushel of grapes. Not only did my homemade creation earn me some extra cool points with my little one, but I was able to save lots of money as well.

Dressing up is one of the best aspects of Halloween, however, it can also be one of the most wasteful. Every year, millions of parents purchase ready-made-costumes for their children. Their costume is usually worn one time then it’s cast aside. Instead of purchasing another costume, join me and get creative. With minimal materials, you can easily make some of the most unique and fun Halloween outfits for your children. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start as I have included 3 costume ideas you can make just by using some old bed sheets.

1. Grape Costume

Photo Courtesy of Coolest Homemade Costumes

You will need:

  • A purple or green sheet
  • A pack of purple or green balloons
  • Safety pins
  • A piece of green felt
  • A stocking cap
  • Scissors


First, take your scissors and cut out a hole from the sheet for your child’s head. Next, fashion sleeves out of the sheet and fasten them together with the safety pins. Now blow up balloons, and begin fastening the edge of them all over the sheet until no empty space remains. Finally, cut leaf shapes out of the felt and fasten them to the stocking cap. Now your child’s costume is complete.

2. Mummy Costume

You will need:

  • A white sheet
  • Scissors


With your scissors, begin cutting a variety of strips to accommodate all the different parts of your child’s body. Once you have cut all your strips, begin wrapping them around your child. Voila, you child is a mummy.

3. Greek or Roman

You will need:

  • A white sheet
  • A gold rope or belt


Fold the sheet in the middle, and place the folded part over your child’s shoulder. Open the ends of the sheet to wrap around your child’s body. The neckline can be as low or high as you’d like. Just remember that draping is the key. A gold rope or belt can be used to secure the sheet at the waist.

Making Your Little Girl’s Dream Room

Has your daughter outgrown her room décor? I know it’s fun to decorate your little girl’s room with Disney or cartoon characters, but as your daughter gets closer to her pre-teen or teenage years cartoons and princesses just doesn’t work anymore.

How can you create a décor that suits your daughter and lets her grown into her own space? Follow these trends:

Bright colors in combination – Don’t be a afraid to experiment with colors – greens, blues, purples, oranges, and yellow. Consider painting stripes or alternating walls. Keep the furniture simple – plain white, and add color with sheets and comforters.

Go Parisian – What’s more sophisticated than a Parisian bedroom. Use alternating stripes of white and pink paint on the wall, with lots of pictures of French landmarks. Add frilly pillows and bed skirts with lots of extra throw pillows – of all colors.
Trendy Toile – Toile is an incredibly popular fabric. Toile is a repeating scene of one color against a white background. These fabrics are a little busy, but are great accents when used with plain white sheets or comforters. Add embroidered or eyelet white bed skirts for an elegant look.
It’s time to give your daughter a space that lets her feel a little bit grown up, while still letting her be a kid. These styles make for a great girls bedroom.