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What To Do With Old Bed Skirts

Many people have an extra bed skirt or two in the home. The skirts are sometimes included with larger bedding sets, and come free with things like air mattresses. Throwing the skirt away would be a waste – especially when you can re-purpose those unwanted bed skirts into something fashionable and fabulous!

Here are just a few things you can do with an unwanted bedskirt:

Make a Valance

An old bed skirt can be turned into a valance for your windows without much work. The skirt is already the right size and shape. Some even have a fold in the top that can hold a curtain rod once the elastic is removed. The only thing you really need to do is trim the skirt to the right length. You might have to sew a pocket along the top to fit the curtain rod through. Also, you might be able to get multiple valances from a single large skirt.


Create an Apron

You can turn old bed skirts into aprons for cooking, crafts or other hobbies. The patterns on some skirts are attractive and look good as an apron. You can do this by turning one part of the skirt into the lower portion of the apron. The apron will be especially attractive if the skirt has a lacy edge along the bottom. You can then cut the material to create the upper portion and straps. Then you sew the two parts together to get a finished apron. If you have extra material from the bed skirt left over, then you can make pockets for the apron.

Cover Outlet and Light Switch Panels

Bed skirts can be used to cover outlet and light switch panels. You start by unscrewing the panels and cutting the skirt material into the right size and shape. Make sure the material covers the edges of the panel. You can attach the skirt fabric with spray adhesive, fabric glue or even double-sided tape so that it is flat against the panel. You can rotate the pattern randomly to get some variety throughout the home.

Sew Clothes for Dolls

You can make fun and attractive clothes for dolls from an old ruffled bed skirt. The ruffles can be used to create dresses for dolls of any size. If you have multiple bed skirts available, then you can mix and match fabric patterns. You will generally be making simple clothes for dolls that do not have sleeves or other complex parts. Kids can even help to design or make the doll clothing.


You can do quilting with nearly any type of fabric. Bed skirts are excellent when used as part of a quilt. The skirt can be cut down into squares of any size. The material is usually durable and attractive. You could turn a single bed skirt into an entire quilt or you could use the fabric across multiple projects. Also, you can use every part of an old skirt for quilting.


Decorate Picture Frames

Something unique is to decorate picture frames with an old bed skirt. You can attach the fabric to an old frame to hide damage and wear. You can use some of the skirt as batting underneath so that the frame has a three-dimensional look. You can make worn picture frames interesting and distinctive by wrapping them in bed skirt fabric.


A Little Color Goes A Long Way In Home Decor

Decorating wisely with color can transform any space from drab to fabulous. Whether it’s with paint, linens, furniture, or various knick knacks, color adds life and flair to any room in a house. To get started, review color palettes that best fit your space. Usually a palette will have four colors that work nicely with each other. This will give you an idea of what the overall color balance in the room will be when finished. Choose one color but use many hues. If blue is the goal color, use dark and light shades of blue to complete the room.

Another good painting and decorating tip is to reference the color wheel. Choose colors that are complementary of each other on the wheel as this creates a balance of color. If you plan to paint a room blue, accent the furniture with orange pillows since orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel. If you are too nervous to go a little bold, start off with a neutral, gray wall color. You can always dress up the room with plush fabrics and pops of pink like you see below.

Gray and Pink

If you really want your room to be a hit, don’t be afraid to mix bright colors. They create a fashionable area and add light and energy to a room. Sometimes it’s best not to match colors as this creates a unique environment.

Colorful Mix

Revamping a room with color can be done without painting the walls. Simple decorative pillow shams, a bed throw, a chair cushion, and lace curtains can add a dramatic touch in just a few minutes. A colorful lamp shade, a patterned rug, or a painted vase are all affordable ways to add flair to any boring room. When in doubt, start small and continuously add items until the perfect color balance is achieved.


How To Use Satin Sheets to Make Stunning Chair Slipcovers

The Problem & The Solution

Satin slipcover for chairs

Lots of us, especially those of us with kids, have some old, stained chairs in our homes.  If you want to give your chair a makeover but don’t want to spend 50 dollars or more on a chair slipcover, never fear — in under an hour, you can transform a satin flat sheet into a beautiful slipcover worthy of Better Homes and Gardens. A fun, eye catching material, satin is great for adding a bit of pop to a den or bedroom. What’s more, because satin sheets already have seams, you don’t have to sew a thing – and that’s a great timesaver for us who have jobs but want to work on our homes as well.

Step By Step Intructions

First step: Use a measuring tape to determine the length, height and width of your seat to figure out how big of a sheet you will need. If you’re fixing up an armchair or loveseat, drape your sheet over the upholstery or cushions. Tuck the excess fabric into every nook and cranny. To secure it into place, stick rolled-up magazines or PVC pipes on top of the fabric. Finally, gather the excess fabric underneath the chair, out of sight and fasten securely with safety pins. If your chair isn’t upholstered, however, simply gather the excess material together at the upper back of your chair instead. Tie the material together in a loose, elegant bow. As a second option, you can also use a bit of shimmery organza ribbon to tie the excess material together. So there you have it — with just a little folding, pinning, and tying, you can create a luxurious, soft, satin chair slipcover that will give just about any room in your home a unique touch.

 The End Product

Slipcover with backtie

Isn’t the above beautiful?  If any of you ladies have some more easy decorating ideas, let us know in the comments below!  Until then, I’m going to go scour the internet for more…