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Measuring Your Bed For A Bed Skirt

“Which Bed Skirt Should I Get?”

Are you considering redecorating your bedroom? Is it time to purchase new bedding? If so, you are going to want to make sure you take proper measurements to insure a proper fit. Adding a bedskirt to your bed can add style to yours or any bedroom. There are a choice of drop lengths to choose from, as well as a variety of styles, ruffled or pleated. There are also an almost unlimited number of colors and the fabrics run the range of silk sheets, cotton and polyester blends to denim for that distinctive, all American look. ┬áStill, the measuring is the key, and it’s the first question I hear from anyone who’s trying to figure out which bed skirt to get.

Knowing how to correctly measure your bed frame and mattress will help you in determining the necessary dimensions of your bed skirt. One important thing to keep in mind is that the bedskirt fits onto the box spring of the bed and not the mattress itself, so you’ll need to obtain an accurate measurement of that distance. You’ll need to measure what is called the “drop measurement” which is the length from the very top of the box spring down to the floor. Hardwood floors are easy enough to gauge, but if you have shag carpeting, you’ll need to make an allowance for the height of the carpet.

Standard Sizes

A 14 inch drop length is considered standard for bed skirts. If you have a drop length of 18 inches or higher, this is considered a specialty size. You can certainly find drop lengths that exceed the standard, but you may have to search a little more diligently for them.

If you can’t get an exact even measurement that conforms to a corresponding size of 14, 18 or 21 inches, it is better to purchase a skirt that is the next size larger. This will allow you the option of shortening the skirt with pins. It is better to be too long than to fall too short.


Different Types of Bedding and Bedskirts

Bed skirts come in different styles, like split corner bedskirt or continuous corners (no split corners). These different variations are designed to accommodate the footboard on some bed frames. You can also purchase custom made bed skirts to fit your particular style of frame. Just make sure you adhere to the old carpenter’s rule: measure twice, cut once. In this case replace ‘cut’ with ‘purchase’ and you’ll save yourself a headache.

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