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What Your Bedroom Color Says About You

Ever wondered how the colors you chose for your bedroom can have affect you, your mood and your overall well being. I’ve been trying to find a way to change my bedroom look lately. I’ve found some interesting theories about color and how color affects our moods. Here are a few basic color schemes that affect your mood in a different way:

Neutral colors – Neutral colors like soft browns, beiges and greens make a room feel warm and cozy. These colors are often associated with nature. If you love to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, considering painting the walls a soft green and using neutral colors for satin bedding and satin duvet.

Blue/Green – Blue and green are soothing colors which brings a peaceful feeling of a water environment. Try adding these colors as an accent to your bedroom set, like ruffled pillow shams in hunter green or sage.

Pink – Expect to see pink in a little girl’s room only? Well, pink is a great accent color and offers a great deal of sophistication and glamour especially if you get a sophisticated pink satin sheets.

– Lavender and gold are a great combination. Lavender is calming, while the gold feels luxurious and sexy. Think about adding gold satin pillowcases to a lavender bed set.

A little color goes a long way to create a peaceful or sophisticated bedroom. Think about your favorite color, and what you’d like to see in your bedroom, then find the perfect combination of sheets, shams, pillowcases and more!

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