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How Do I Make My Bedroom More Luxurious?

You don’t have to buy an entire bedroom suit or expensive bedding to create a luxurious bedroom. By simply adding accents and curtains you can design a lavish room. The colors purple and gold are known for royalty and color splashes can be added with throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. A luxury duvet cover can transform any bedding. Simply place the duvet cover over top of your current comforter and close with the zipper or buttons.

Luxurious Bedroom

Picture frames, mirrors and candles can easily sit atop furniture or be hung on the wall. Mirrors instantly make a room look larger and candles provide a romantic mood. An antique chandelier hanging directly over the bed immediately turns your room into a luxurious getaway. Silk and cashmere fabrics are essential to offering a lavish environment. Look for these in a blanket or pillows. Ruffled pillow shams would be an ideal addition. Silk bed sheets are also a great touch. Classic artwork or paintings should adorn the walls or neutral canvases and prints.

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Long drapes and plush rugs can enhance your bedroom’s new look. If your budget allows, splurge on high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. You will feel like a queen sleeping in your castle. Dim lighting from lamps will provide a regal ambiance. Complete your new luxurious bedroom with a vanity and soft chair.

What is the Best Fabric for a Quilt?

Choosing fabric for a quilt is very important and depends on multiple factors. You can’t go wrong with 100% cotton, especially if you are just beginning to sew quilts. Cotton is easier to sew, durable, and simple to clean. Synthetics and mixes are more difficult to use than cotton as they have a tendency to pucker along seams. Try to avoid knits and stretch fabrics as these can be complicated to sew. Flannel is also a popular fabric to use for quilts and provides soft and cozy warmth.


When picking a fabric, you want to make sure the color doesn’t run when you wash it. If you aren’t sure, you can wash the fabric on its own before using it. Depending on the purpose of the quilt, you want to choose a material that can withstand years of washing and use. Loosely woven fabrics can easily produce tears and rips so you want to look for a moderately dense fabric. Remember the color theory when choosing material to ensure proper balance and mood. If you are giving the quilt as a gift, what colors will best suit that person’s personality? Blue shades are calming and cool while red colors are warmer. You may also want to consider matching the color to the bedding the quilt will likely need to match.

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Choose a fabric that consists of 100% cotton and your quilt will hold up to many years of love.

What Is The Warmest Type of Blanket?

Winter is here and it’s getting colder at night. What blanket will keep you warm while you sleep? An electric blanket usually plugs into an outlet and runs off electricity to provide heat. It provides different levels that can offer personalized warmth. Using an electric blanket may allow you to turn down the heat at night to save energy and money. If you are looking for something that doesn’t use plug in while you sleep, the next best choice is a wool fabric. Wool material is remarkable in that it can still provide insulation even when wet. Wool is very durable and flexible and keeps heat close to the body by trapping still or dead air within the fibers.


Flannel is also a great type of blanket to stay warm. It’s soft against the skin and the thin material allows for layering. Flannel is a knitted fabric that is typically 100 percent cotton and often combined with a quilted backing for additional warmth. It’s usually inexpensive and easy to combine with home décor. Polar fleece is a man-made fiber of polyester and also makes for a warm blanket. They are very lightweight and can fold up when not in use. Polar fleece provides optimum warmth and softness and is easy to keep clean. If you are looking for a polyester blanket but want it extra thin, you may be looking for a Thinsulate blanket, made from polyester microfiber.  A silk fleece blanket is also very warm and extremely comfortable.

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How Can I Make My Bed More Comfortable?

As winter sets in and the air gets a little colder, it seems we are spending more time in our beds. There are simple ways you can create a more comfortable place to sleep. First of all, mattresses should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. If your mattress is older than 10 years, it will start to become uncomfortable as it wears out. If it is under 10 years, flip it over or turn it around so that you don’t continuously wear out one spot. A mattress pad that sits on top can be purchased to provide an extra layer of comfort.

Comfortable Bed

You can purchase a satin duvet cover or any material cover that slides over top of your current comforter and closes by either zipper or buttons. Not only is it simple to take off and wash but the fabric of a duvet cover can provide a new level of comfort. High thread counts in luxurious cotton fabrics feel soft, warm and inviting. Down pillows are filled with feathers and feels like you are lying on a cloud; a perfect way to make your bed more comfortable and add accents to the bedroom. If you find that the bed sheet tangles when you sleep just remove it. A comforter in a duvet cover should provide enough warmth. You can also use a large flat sheet and tuck it under the mattress in place of a fitted sheet. This will prevent a fitted sheet from moving about while you sleep.

Down Comforter

Lastly, adding a quilt blanket or soft fleece throw can provide pure coziness.

What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

If you’re looking to revamp your bedroom, a new coat of paint can do wonders to give your room a whole new look. Before making a final decision on the paint color, you may want to determine what type of accents or furniture will go in the room and decide on an overall theme. Keep in mind this includes matching your bedding. Paint color can make a big difference in showcasing your theme whether it’s soft and dreamy, luxurious, or if you want to make a statement.

Green Bedroom Paint

Studies show that the color blue is calming and can provide better sleep and lower blood pressure. This is why the most recommended color for bedrooms is blue. There are many shades to choose from including navy or a lighter blue. Navy and darker blue shades pair well with white trim and light orange accents, pillows or bedskirts. Follow the basic color theory to ensure your bedroom is attractive and pleasing to the eye. Choose matching colors by referring to the color wheel. Colors that pair well together are directly across from one another on the wheel.

Blue Bedroom Paint

Light yellow or shades of green are also wonderful color choices for bedrooms. These shades can be paired with linens and decorations easily and also provide a calming effect. Purple is known for royalty so if you are hoping to portray a luxurious place to sleep, choose a light purple to paint the walls. Bold colors like red can make a statement but try to keep it contained to one wall or the trim. By simply rearranging furniture and painting the walls a brand new color, you can easily create a new appearance for your bedroom.