Mattress Sizes

Measure a Bed for Sheets and Bedding

Knowing the right way to measure a bad can make all the difference when it comes to getting the perfect bedding set. However, knowing exactly how to measure correctly can be a challenge. Below you will find some tips, helping you to obtain an accurate measure of your bed skirt and fitted sheet.

Tips for Measuring for a Bed Skirt

  • Remember that skirts are designed to fit the box spring, not the mattress.
  • Measure bed from below your box spring to make sure in conforms to conventional sizes.
  • To order a bed skirt, you will need the drop measurement, which is length from the floor to the top of the box spring.
  • Take into consideration how different types of floor surfaces and carpeting can affect this measurement.
  • Standard drop length of a bed is 14", while 18" and 21" are considered specialty sizes. stocks all these hard-to-find lengths.

Tip! In order to shorten any length for a custom fit, simply get the next size larger and tuck the skirt with pins to create the perfect drop length to fit your bed measure.

  • Bed skirts come with either continuous corners, no split at the foot end corners, or with split corners, to accommodate beds with a footboard or other bed frame.
  • Even if the bed skirt you fall in love with doesn't come ready-made with split corners, provides custom corner splitting so you get exactly the look you want.

Tips for Measuring for Fitted Sheets and Mattress Covers

Fitted sheets and mattress covers are designed to fit securely over a mattress. With stitched gussets, as well as elastic at the corners and around the edge of the sheet, they provide a snug fit without bunching and shifting. When sheets are fitted correctly to the mattress pad, there will be no mattress bowing due to shortness in the gusset nor will there be too much looseness due to excess length in the gusset.

Below are tips for an accurate way to measure a bed for your fitted sheets or mattress cover order:

  • Measure the length and width of the mattress. Don't guess or estimate!
  • Most mattresses are constructed with a thick corded piping around the top and bottom of the mattress. Do not measure from cord to cord. Instead, use your tape measure to begin your measurement at the top of the box spring. Then, place your hand on the mattress top and measure bed to it.
  • Round up depth measurements to the nearest inch.
  • Measurements include the size of the bed and the mattress depth, including any mattress pads, foam toppers, or other enhancers.
  • Keep in mind the fitted sheets will actually be slightly deeper than the mattress measurement you provide in order to give enough return under the mattress.