Why Smart People Are Starting To Use Linen Sheets

Linen Sheets make for a comfortable night’s sleep

It’s no secret that consistently getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Without sleep, our bodies will literally start to shut down and we will fail to perform even the simplest of tasks. While you can’t control how often your boss emails you at 3 a.m. or how early your kids wake you up, you can control your bed.

And in a world filled with countless options for bedding, it can be difficult to know which type of material will help you sleep the best. Savvy sleepers have discovered that linen sheets provide the perfect balance of softness, comfort, and temperature regulation. More and more people are starting to convert to linen sheets, and here’s why:

They’re breathable:

Linen sheets have a high level of air permeability. This means they’re sure to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can also absorb about 20% of their weight in moisture before they start to feel wet, so they’ll retain their cool, fresh feel no matter the season.

They’re durable:

Sheets and bedding made of synthetic materials can be weak and start to fall apart after just a few washes. However, linen is a naturally durable material. It’s made from a natural fiber called linseed and has been used as a sleeping fabric for more than 1,000 years. The lack of synthetic materials present in linen sheets keeps them strong for years. Not only will linen sheets not fall apart after a few washes, but linen actually gets stronger the more it’s washed — when it’s wet, its strength increases by about 20%. In fact, linen sheets are notorious for their ability to withstand a high degree of wear and tear, so the first set of linen sheets you buy will probably be the only set you’ll ever need — these sheets are designed to last for decades.

They’re soft:

No sheet would be satisfying without a soft, smooth feel. Linen sheets are known to get softer with every wash. They also have a slight massage-type of effect because there are microscopic breaks throughout the fabric. The natural materials in linen ensure that it will always be gentle on your skin. Linen sheets can also be particularly useful for those with allergies or sensitive skin issues such as eczema. That’s because they’re free of the skin-irritating chemical additives found in other types of bedding that do have synthetic materials.

Organic linen sheets are great for kids:

Because linen sheets are durable, long-lasting, easy on the skin, and stand up so well to moisture, they’re also the best bedding for kids. And for parents concerned about any material that comes into contact with their children’s growing bodies, organic linen bedding is an ideal and natural choice for kids bedrooms.

They’re scientifically superior:

Aside from the countless testimonials we’ve heard about the improved sleep quality linen sheets provide, it’s been scientifically proven as well. A commonly quoted study by the University of Milan determined that people fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, and even wake up in a better mood after sleeping on linen sheets. And you can’t argue with science!

Ultimately, finding the best type of sheets and bedding are essential to getting a good night’s sleep. If you invest in a set of linen sheets, you’ll be sleeping soundly for years and years to come.

This guest post was contributed by Sean Woitas of Linoto – the information contained in this article is his own and do not reflect the views of Shop Bedding. Image credit: Alex Kotlik