What are bed skirts used for?


bone-eyelet-ruffled-bed-cornerChances are that you’ve seen bedskirts, also known as bed ruffles or dust ruffles, but what is a bed skirt? Do you really need a bed skirt, or is this item simply a decorative piece that has no real purpose? If you’re wondering whether or not to purchase a bed skirt, take a look at the many reasons why bedskirts are far more than just pieces of pretty fabric.

Historically, bed skirts were used to hide misshaped bed posts and box springs, but later these bedroom linens took on a whole new purpose. When those people who had bed skirts also had less bedroom bugs, it was discovered that a bed skirt has the ability to deflect dust and dust particles that would otherwise gather underneath a bed.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, the fact of the matter is that dust attracts bed bugs and dust mites, and these critters can wind up inside of your mattress if they are not eliminated. A bed skirt with velcro may not get rid of every bug, but you’ll certainly have a lot less of them! Even though bed skirts now have a practical purpose, they still come in many decorative shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

300TC Sateen Stripe Tailored Bed Skirt
The 300 Thread Count Sateen Stripe Tailored Bed Skirt

In fact, today’s bed skirts are more luxurious than ever before. Yet, thanks to modern technology, contemporary dust ruffles or ruffle bedskirt are still entirely practical. For example, the bed skirt pictured and linked to above is made from lavish sateen available in a variety of colors, though it can still be washed inside of a washing machine and dried in a regular dryer.

Eyelet ruffled bed skirt

Contemporary bedskirts also come in a number of different styles ranging from plain ruffled bed skirts to ruffled bed skirts with small detailing such as the Eyelet Ruffled Bed Skirt . The main difference between a tailored bedskirt and a bed skirt that has ruffles is the style preference of the buyer. If you want to create a traditional space, then a tailored bedskirt is probably your best bet. If you want to create a space that’s a bit more fancy, a ruffled bed skirt is the way to go. Bed skirts and satin flat sheets used to be reserved for those who could afford to spend a large amount of money on home decor. However, this is not the case today.

Bed skirts now come in a variety of prices ranging from dust ruffles that are made from expensive fabrics to those that are made from natural cotton. The best part about contemporary bed skirts is that even affordable models look like deluxe items. Thanks to the many available patterns and styles that bed skirts are available in, you can create a stylish room on a limited budget.

Grape poly cotton ruffled bed skirt

You’ll find that there are a number of different dust ruffles ranging from contemporary to classic. You’ll also find many sizes to select from so that you can protect your bed no matter how big or small your bed may be.