Is the Summer Heat is Ruining Your Sleep? Use Satin Sheets-

Imagine yourself on a hot night this summer, curled up on your bed of satin sheets, reading the latest steamy novel, a box of decadent chocolate truffles by your side. Just perfect. Somehow flannel sheets just don’t work in that scenario.

Beyond their reputation for passion, sensuality and opulence, satin sheets also have a practical side. They work well all year round, but they are especially nice in the warmth of summer. Satin is the ultimate cool material, perfect for hot, sticky nights.

Here is a look at why satin sheets are the best choice for keeping you cool in the warmer months, and expert tips for making your entire bedroom comfortable on the hottest nights.

satin sheets are good in summer heat

Why Is Satin Good for Summer?

Using the right sheets can make getting sleep on summer nights much easier. Silk satin sheets are breathable, cool and smooth even during hot weather. Here is a look at how satin sheets can assure you of a good night’s rest.

Breath-ability. According to the Huffington Post, natural fibers have the best breath-ability, helping to wick away moisture. Silk has what is called hygroscopic fibers, which are able to absorb 33% of their weight in moisture and still feel dry. And even damp silk dries quickly in the air. This is important because, according to sleep studies, the average person can sweat up to a pint of moisture in a single summer night.

Silk satin is the most luxurious of the natural fibers and it also helps to regulate your body’s temperature. When you feel cool during the night, you sleep better.

Lightweight. Silk is one of the lightest of all fabrics. It gently drapes evenly over your body, much like a tent. It allows enough circulation to keep you cool. Heavy sheets, duvets and blankets do just the opposite. They sit heavily on your body, hitting certain pressure points. The result is a hot night, lots of perspiring and little sleep.

Lots of colors. White and light colors work best for your sheets during the summer. They reflect back the light that pours in through your bedroom windows. This is better than dark colors, which absorb the light, heating up the sheets. Since satin sheets come in a wide range of colors, both light and dark, you can choose the appropriate hue for each season, as well as for your décor.

Cool feel. The glossy look of satin sheets is matched by their cool feel on your body, even in hot weather. Satin made with silk is thermo-regulating, meaning it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature naturally. If night sweats are a problem at any time of the year, silk is the fabric to sleep in.

To make it even nicer during the hottest days, pull back the top sheet, turning on the air conditioner and let it run for awhile before bedtime. This actually makes your bed feel chilled when you hit the sack.

Anti-allergenic. Scientists are entirely sure why, but few people are allergic to silk. And satin sheets made with silk don’t use allergy-causing chemicals in the manufacturing process, which increases the risk of unhealthy reactions. In addition, the fabric has natural properties that fight off fungus, dust mites and mold, all serious allergens.

Anti-tangle. When you use satin sheets in summer, your hair is less likely to tangle. And in fact, this is true of the sheets as a whole, which seldom tangle around your body. Tangling is what you want to avoid. When sheets do wrap around your body, they trap heat, which leads to sweating.

What Are Other Ways to Keep Cool on Summer Nights?

airconditioner cool off summer heat

Satin sheets are the perfect first step for a summer’s worth of  comfortable sleeping. To keep your entire bedroom cool, air conditioners are the easiest solution.

But they aren’t always available. If that’s the case in your bedroom, don’t despair! To make your bedroom cooler, here are tips from hot weather experts that work even without air conditioning.

  1. Invest in a hot water bottle. In summer, fill it three-quarters full with cold water. Then stick it in the freezer for a few hours. You will have the perfect ice pack, made for the bed, to keep you cool all night long.
  2. If you have ceiling fans, make the most of it. Be sure to adjust the controls so the blades move counter-clockwise. This helps to pull heated air up, out of your bed area. Otherwise, it simply moves the hot air around your bed and the rest of the room.
  3. Use ice. Buy ice from the grocery store. Or fill old milk cartons with water and freeze. Use these for a D-I-Y air conditioner by putting a big pan of ice in front of your box fan. The breeze will gather the cooling from the ice and spread it around the room. And the breeze it makes will pick up cold moisture from the melting water, adding a cool mist to your bedroom.
  4. Use cross breezes. If you have more than one fan, set them up blowing in different directions. This will create cross breezes that add to the chill in the room.
  5. Wear the right PJs. Summer isn’t the time for thick, tight pajamas. Choose loose, soft cotton, just a shirt and shorts, or your underwear.
  6. Keep your feet bare. There are numerous pulse points in your feet, so they are very sensitive to temperature. Don’t wear socks to bed.
  7. Use rice and buckwheat pillows. Make the most of your satin pillowcase by using it on pillows filled with these grains. They don’t absorb heat like cotton or down.
  8. Turn off all lights and electronics. Light bulbs add heat to a room. Electronics can keep you active and moving around in the bed. This increases your activity level and the chances for sweating. Just try to go to sleep.

Enjoy summer with satin sheets, the perfect solution for comfortable sleep on hot nights. They are an excellent investment in relaxed, deep sleep and your overall health.


For Every Season- Satin Sheets Should be Your Choice

Satin sheets perfect for all SeasonSatin sheets are the perfect fabric all year round for your bedroom. Summer, winter, spring and fall, they have a range of benefits that make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.

In summer, satin sheets are cool to the touch and wick away moisture. In winter, they provide warmth without weight, making it easier to relax into a good night’s sleep. In spring and fall, they are the right choice for allergy sufferers.

Here’s the closer look at how, every season of the year, satin sheets deliver the comfort you need to get the sleep your body craves. There is also an overview of the different types of sheets and how to care for them.

Winter Warmth

Satin sheets, especially those made from silk, helping you stay snug in winter by keeping the warm air close to your body. That means you don’t need as many layers to stay comfortable and you avoid the pressure from a heap of sheets of blankets that can leave you fatigued and sweaty.

They are breathable, letting air to circulate and moisture to evaporate from your skin. These properties also make them the fabric of choice for people who experience night sweats.

Summer Coolness

In the hot temperatures of summer, satin sheets feel cool to the touch. The glossy surface feels refreshing to your body on the warmest days.

This surface also means they are less likely to create a tangle around your body, which traps heat and causes you to sweat. And satin pillowcases cause fewer tangles in your hair at night.

Fall and Spring Comfort

Fall and spring are allergy times for many people. Satin sheets made with silk fight dust mites, fungus and mold, leading causes of allergic symptoms. And allergy sufferers are less likely to react to silk than to other fabrics.  Silk satin sheets are also made with fewer chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions.

Because they are light but drape easily over your body, satin sheets deliver the right amount of warmth during the more temperate nights in spring and fall.

That’s a roundup of good reasons to use satin sheets in your bedroom. But how do you select them and care for them? To help you choose, here is a look at the types of satin sheets available.

 What Are Satin Sheets?

 Satin sheets are made from a variety of materials.  “Satin” refers to how it is made, not a specific fabric. The weave of these sheets uses silk, nylon or polyester fibers. Particular threads are carried to the top during the weaving with a process called floating.

These threads can actually reflect light, which is responsible for the sheen on satin. The end result is a shiny fabric that is soft and cool to the touch. Satin is sometimes confused with sateen, which uses a very similar process, but with cotton.

The most expensive satins are made with silk. Next in cost is satin from polyester or nylon. Others that are even less expensive use acetate and rayon, which are not recommended. Some sheets use a mix of silk and synthetics

How Do Different Fabrics in Satin Vary?

Satin sheets made from nylon, polyester and silk are the most durable and comfortable. Rayon and acetate are also in use, but are considered inferior for quality satin sheets. Look at the label on your sheets to determine which fabric is used.

It is also important to check the label to see if it says knitted. Never buy a set that says it has been knitted. This manufacturing process produces a glossy sheen, but the sheets are not considered true satin. More importantly, they aren’t comfortable for sleeping.

Here is an overview of the features of each of these three major fabrics.

Silk. For summer, silk has a definite advantage because it is breathable, unlike the synthetics. The sheets are strong and long lasting. Silk is the most expensive choice and also needs special handling when it comes time for laundering.

Be sure to check the care label for your silk satin sheets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your sheets will last for years. They can’t be put in the washing machine. Instead, they need to be washed by hand in cold water.

Silk definitely requires more care than standard sheets. Never put it in direct sunlight for long periods. That means you shouldn’t hang your silk satin sheets up to dry outside.

Nylon. Experts say nylon is a strong fabric and easy to clean in a washing machine on the normal setting.  Use mild detergents that are made for sensitive fabrics. Check the makers care instructions before laundering.

You can also dry them in a dryer on the lowest setting. Never line dry because of damage from sunlight. Be aware that nylon sheets have a tendency to pill after washing. Nylon is better than acetate, so be sure to check labels carefully to be sure what you are buying.

Polyester. Polyester is a step up from nylon. It is very durable and easy to wash. Both polyester and nylon are shinier than natural silk when used in satin sheets.

These sheets can be washed in the washing machine, but you will get more wear if you hand wash them. This also prevents pilling. It is safe to dry them on the line outside. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you choose to iron your satin sheets, whatever the fabric, use a barrier cloth like a soft cotton towel. This prevents damage to the delicate fabrics, especially silk. A hot iron directly on satin sheets will burn the fabric.

Whatever the season, satin sheets deliver a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. You can choose the type that fits your budget and how much time you want to put into their care. They are comfortable, luxurious and last for years.


Have Arthritis? Use Satin Sheets!

There are more than 100 types of arthritis, and all of them hurt. Whether you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or one of the other forms, bedtime can be one of the hardest times of the day.

Did you know that satin sheets can play a helpful part in getting a good night’s rest? It’s true. Here is a look at how arthritis affects the body and three ways that satin sheets can make your sleep time easier.

satin sheets helps arthritis patients

What Arthritis Does to Your Body

 The one thing that all types of arthritis have in common is joint pain. The most common form, osteoarthritis, is caused by extended use of certain joints. This might be overuse from sports or other repeated motion, but usually it happens in seniors. Over the years, a lot of stress is put on your hips, feet, spine and knees just from daily living.

Rheumatoid arthritis is actually an autoimmune disease, one that attacks the joints. The inflammation can causes damage to any joint in the body.

The third most common type is psoriasis arthritis, which has inflammation not only of the joints but also of the skin. It often leads to swelling in toes and fingers, and sometimes one or both knees or the spine.

The inflammation and the swelling in all these types of arthritis lead to pain in the joints and trouble moving them. It is especially noticeable at the end of a long day before bed, and in the morning when trying to get out of bed.

This is a major problem because not getting quality sleep each night has a direct link to how much pain they felt the next day, according to studies published in the medical journal SLEEP. It has also been shown to increase the chances of depression.

That’s why it is so important to do whatever you can to improve your sleep if you are fighting the effects of arthritis.

How Satin Sheets Can Help

Satin sheets, which are also helpful for people who suffer from eczema and Parkinson’s disease, have a positive role to play for arthritis sufferers. Satin sheets made with silk have natural properties that alleviate some of the symptoms, making it easier to sleep and to get in and out of bed.

Here is a closer look at why investing in satin sheets can help you get a good night’s rest.

Sliding in and out. Getting in and out of bed can be a major production when you have arthritis. There is a great deal of leaning, bending and raising involved. To make it easier, take advantage of the fact that satin sheets are slippery. It makes it easier to slip into bed and slide out in the morning.

Warm. Warmth can help relieve joint pain. Getting cold in the middle of the night makes the pain worse, plus it is difficult for a person with arthritis to move around to get more covers or to turn up the heat. The benefit of satin sheets made from silk is that they are warm but breathable, even in cold weather.

Light. Satin sheets are light in weight. A person with painful joints wants to avoid a heavy duvet or comforter, or too many blankets. The extra weight puts added pressure on joints, increasing the pain.

If you are dealing with arthritis pain, consider buying satin sheets to make bedtime an easier experience.

Can Satin Sheets Help Out Parkinson’s Disease?

Almost three-fourths of people with Parkinson’s disease report difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, interrupted sleep on a regular basis is the norm, according to specialists at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Experts recommend satin sheets to make it easier to move around in bed, turn over and generally get comfortable. This simple switch can make a significant difference.

Here is a look at how Parkinson’s makes it hard to sleep, how satin sheets can help, and tips from experts for more restful nights.

satin linen on bed of Parkinson's patientParkinson’s and Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, the first symptom of Parkinson’s disease is often a problem with sleep. This can happen well before the person has difficulty getting around, which is the major indicator of the disease.

A variety of problems keep sufferers awake. Sleep problems with Parkinson’s include:

  • Being very sleepy during the day, but not at night
  • Insomnia
  • Involuntary leg movements or restless leg syndrome that keeps the person awake
  • Sleep apnea
  • Suddenly going to sleep at inappropriate times
  • Nightmares
  • Having to get up to go to the bathroom often at night

All of these problems make it difficult to get the recommended amount of deep, restful sleep at night. This is made worse by mobility issues, like trouble moving your hands and feet easily and muscle fatigue, both common physical symptoms of Parkinson’s. If you can’t move around to get comfortable enough to relax, it’s doubly hard to sleep.

Satin Sheets Improve Mobility

The big benefit that satin sheets have is the fact that they are slippery. This makes turning over much easier. You can also slide in and out with less difficulty. These simple actions, which are so easy to take for granted when healthy, take major effort with Parkinson’s.

It can be tempting to buy flannel sheets because of they are supposed to keep you warmer. But flannel has a rough surface that makes it difficult to turn over and move around.

And if you are worried about warmth, satin sheets are an excellent choice. Though light in weight, they keep you warm throughout the winter. Many people prefer having lighter fabrics on their bodies because they don’t have to fight the added weight of several blankets or a heavy duvet.

Getting Sleep Ready

Doctors who work with Parkinson’s patients recommend setting up a bedtime routine to get you physically and mentally ready for sleep. Here are four tips from the pros.

Time your medications. Rigidity, a major symptom, gets in the way of a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s important to take your evening pills that control this problem at the right time. You don’t want them to wear off during the middle of the night.

Ask you doctor which other medications you take might interfere with a good night’s sleep. Then take them earlier in the day.

Meditate. This soothes your brain, calming the self-talk that can keep you awake.

Take a warm bath. This is an excellent way to relax your muscles. It can help you avoid toe curls and muscle cramps waking you up in the middle of the night.

Avoid caffeine late in the day. Try decaffeinated or herbal teas instead.

A good night’s sleep can help your overall health when you have Parkinson’s disease. Consider buying satin sheets to help with mobility and comfort. It can make your bedtime easier.

Have Eczema? Get Relief with Satin Sheets

The itchiness of eczema makes life difficult during the daytime. At night it becomes miserable. Trying to find a comfortable position and to stop the itch can prevent a person from getting the sleep they need to face the day.Surprisingly, satin sheets are the bed linen of choice for eczema sufferers. Here is a look at what eczema is, how it affects sleep and how satin sheets can help.

baby with eczemaWhat Is Eczema?

Eczema is a broad term for a variety of symptoms. Skin on the face and body becomes cracked and inflamed. It is raw and often peels. The skin becomes so itchy that sufferers will sometimes scratch until they draw blood.

The condition is often inherited, but external triggers can make it worse. The range is dishearteningly wide. They are not limited to, but often include:

  • perfumed soaps and body washes
  • abrasive cleansers and scrubs
  • loofahs or other coarse bath implements
  • fabric softeners
  • dish and laundry detergents
  • skin care products that contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid
  • deodorants
  • hot baths that dry out the skin
  • allergens like dust mites and pollen
  • food allergies, especially to eggs, corn and dairy
  • rooms that are too dry or too hot
  • and on the flip side, weather that is too cold or too windy
  • wool fabric
  • elastic

It is hard to avoid all the triggers for eczema, How do you avoid the weather? The condition doesn’t have a cure yet, but there are many helpful therapies.

A large number of children grow out of it, around the age of five or so. But for many others, it is a lifelong condition. At the core of treatment is avoiding as many triggers as possible.

Why Is it Hard to Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Humans need regular, deep sleep to stay healthy and function properly. But when you skin itches horribly, how can you get a good night’s rest? This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the disease.

For babies and children, lack of sleep is especially noticeable. Babies will cry all night because of the constant itching. Young children often scratch and scratch, leaving blood on the sheets. They are cranky during the day because they aren’t getting the rest that their growing bodies need.

Adults with eczema often find it hard to function at top form at their jobs and in their roles as parents. The constant cycle of scratching and itching, plus too little sleep, keeps them in a state of fatigue.

How Does Satin Help?

Satin bed linens offer several advantages to eczema sufferers. Here is a closer look.

Soft and smooth. Satin sheets are smooth, soft and light. They are gentle on the skin and don’t aggravate the itching. Satin sheets are smooth, so they don’t catch on flaky skin, which aggravates the condition.

Repel allergens. Satin sheets made with silk have natural properties that fight off allergens like dust mites and fungus. They are also made without additional chemicals, so they carry fewer triggers.

Moisturizing. Satin sheets made with silk keep skin hydrated, which helps reduce dry, flaky skin.

Cool. Satin sheets are light, airy and breathable, a big help for skin that can’t handle heat.

If you or a family member deals with eczema, consider investing in satin sheets for a better night’s sleep.