7 Ideas For Women to Spin Off The “Man Cave”

The Need for a Wo-Man Cave

“Man Caves” are a thing every guy dreams about owning one day. Man Caves are notoriously known as dark, musty rooms packed with sports paraphernalia, a large cigar and whiskey collection, more leather (covering chairs, tables, couches, walls, anything) than should be legal, maybe a few animal heads, and of course the ubiquitous pool/billiards table.

As great as that sounds to you guys, us ladies also need a place of our own. We may humor you with your cute idea of building a man cave, but if you really want your über masculine space, then guess what, we get our über femme place. And if we do get our way, here’s what WE would put in our beautiful Closet on Steroids.

1. A Crafts Area

We love our crafts, whether it be graphics on the computer, photo-editing from a night out with the girls, drawing doodles, beading or sewing, we need one place to keep it all organized and accessible. And, no crafts area is complete without a black-board-magnetic-painted wall to keep track of our creative ideas.

2. A Comfy Love Seat with Throws and Pillows Galore

Sometimes when we’d rather be inspired than let our inspiration flow, we may pick up a book or our laptop and plop down in a heavenly love seat. The more throws and pillows garnishing this lounge of love, the better and don’t forget to incorporate a silk bed sheet as a luxurious cover..

3. A Book Nook

The need to crawl into a cozy small reading nook, full of our favorite love stories, epic adventures, and biographies of people who inspire and captivate, never leaves us. A book nook is the best addition a closet on steroids can have for those of us who love to curl up like a cat and get lost in yet another amazing story.

4. The Battle Station

There’s a whole section on Pinterest devoted to the best lady battle stations. A battle station is what we call our ‘makeup area.’ It’s a rather appropriate verbiage for some of us who definitely duke it out with our eyeliner every morning. Being that we begin every day here, it’s an essential piece of our closet on steroids.

5. The Cocktail Corner

Just because we’re ladies, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a drink like the guys do. Fill your cocktail corner with your favorite mixed drinks, wines, spirits or a keg. Yum!

6. A Window Seat

Deep thought is best done looking out into nature… or a busy street if nature isn’t your thing. Really, its just nice having a window to look out of to stalk your neighbors or watch the planes fly over, so put a comfy seat there and throw some more miss-matched pillows, silk pillowcase and funky quilts on it!

7. Glorious Twinkly Lighting

Nothing beats great lighting to set the mood of your closet. Florescent lights hurt the eyes; candles on their own are too dark and rather risky for those of us who love hanging tapestries, so go instead with great string lighting. It sets the mood perfectly for cozy nights and a cup of tea, or to calm you after a hard days work.

All Of These Together? HEAVEN

Bottom line, let the man have their man caves, as long as we get our woman caves too!  As you can certainly tell, woman caves blow man caves right out of the water.