Unique bedding in celebrity mansions

Just like the grandiose buildings that host them, bedding in the mansions of the rich and famous is often both luxurious and fabulously color-coordinated. Elle Décor reported on several stunning spaces where our favorite celebrities go to retreat and relax. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo enlisted the help of famous designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard to create a globetrotter look to her bedroom. Her bed is a luxurious Parisian one, topped of with an Indian throw and West African pillows.
Singer Cher goes with a similar global theme, favoring a ‘far east’ look, complete with embellished pillows and an ivory colored bedspread. Showing a similar attraction to unusual yet elegant pairings, Sarah Jessica Parker aimed for a little taste of the dramatic in her master suite, with soft white bedding mixed with colorful accessories that make the room ‘pop.’

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jennifer Aniston’s former master suite in Beverly Hills is a simple, luxurious room: A delicate balance between wood paneling and cream-white pillows and linens. Other celebrity mansion boudoirs of note include Sharon and Ozzy Osborne’s whimsical master bedroom which, HGTV reports, features silk bedding and a mirrored canopy bed. Which celebrity bedroom design idea do you like the best? Are you inspired by any of their choices? Tell us in the comments.