5 Steps To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

After a long, hard day at work and dealing with the kids, I really want a space that I can call my own. What I really need is a place that offers peace – and even better, a little romance. Here are 5 steps to making your bedroom into a luxury boudoir:


1. Pick a color/any color – Don’t leave your bedroom walls a plain, vanilla white. Pick your favorite color, then look for a shade or tone of the color that is relaxing and soothing.


2. Outfit the room – Can’t afford to replace the furniture? A few changes to your linens can create a new look. Choose a set of the best satin sheets in a complimentary color to your wall scheme. Don’t be afraid to mix things up – pick alternating colors for the sheets and bedskirts, or try a satin pillow case..


3. Add the accents – Add some decorative elements, pictures and candles. Don’t fill your bedroom with lots of family photos – make it a neutral space that is conducive to romance.


4. Soften the lighting – Bring in some lamps, add dimmer switches to your lights. Make the lighting work when reading, but soft and relaxing when you need to chill out.


5. Don’t forget the music – Add a nice quality mini-stereo to play relaxing music, or consider adding something for white noise. Make the room as free of distractions from the outer world.


Immerse yourself in a little luxury and comfort. Create your own space with our satin sheets or bed skirts with velcro and you just may find that you never want to leave the room. For less than $100, you can create the perfect romantic bedroom you have always dreamed of.