Satin Sheets as a Romantic Gesture on Valentine’s Day

Satin Sheets: A Valentine’s Day Cliche

satin sheets make a great valentines day gift

Getting your loved one satin sheets for Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest clichés around.  Still, for those of you who are looking for a fun, spicy, and romantic gift that gets you both into the Valentine’s day mood, satin sheets are not to be overlooked.  Seriously – I think I wouldn’t stop smiling for days if my husband got me these silk bed sheets!

Don’t get me wrong, guys – you still have to spring for at least a box of chocolates or a nice bouquet, but you’ll enjoy this addition more and more long after the chocolate is eaten and the flowers die. What’s more, bedding establishes the perfect setting in the one space reserved uniquely for you and your significant other only – the bedroom. Throw in some candles, a favorite movie, maybe some champagne, and voilà! A simple yet peaceful night in.  This is especially important for couples, especially for those that have been together for a long time – daily life often gets in the way.

valentines day love

Strengthen Your Relationship

When each of you is always on the go, it can be hard for you and your significant other to spend time together without distractions. When you’re driving the kids from activity to activity, or working a hectic full-time schedule, there often just isn’t much room for those peaceful and intimate moments that are supposed to be a given when you live with someone. Those moments, although small, are very meaningful: cuddling on the bed, holding each other’s hands while watching TV, or simply talking and joking together out of earshot of your kids. This Valentine’s Day, with the help of all the cliché trimmings, you can make that easygoing intimacy a priority.

One Final Tip

Even the best laid plans can be spoiled with interference from the kids.  Every so often, but especially on Valentine’s Day, get a babysitter and get away!  One day, your older kids may even be able to watch their siblings for a reduced rate.  In addition to enjoying your partner’s attention, you’ll also be able to get a few moments’ respite for your persistent headache 🙂