“Friendly” Competition – How To Get A Leg Up

There’s nothing worse than having a friend who is constantly one upping you.  There are three types of people who can make you feel bad like this:

1. Mr. Naturally Talented

This is the least obnoxious option because there’s not a ton you could do to overtake them in your budding competition.  They don’t put in a ton of effort while you do, but they still beat you with ease.  Personally, I was always second in my school’s ping pong tournaments because of one such friend.

2. Sir Hard Worker

Someone who works harder than seems possible – at EVERYTHING!  This situation usually leads to low self-confidence in the defeated party because it seems that they might be able to win if they just put in a bit more effort.  Avoid hard workers at all costs!

3. King All Of The Above

Someone who’s naturally more talented AND works harder than is feasible – combining number 1 & 2.  This one is usually pretty palatable because you have the “I couldn’t beat them if I tried” excuse in your back pocket.  Still, this combination of natural talent and hard work usually leads them to do something awesome later in life.  Then, if you played the long game right, you’d have a famous friend to brag about!

There are also a variety of situations in which the above can play out. Just check out our new video below (and watch for the special offer at the end!):

As you can imagine, going camping with a dude who makes you look bad is no fun.  Sure, it’s nice to have a buddy who can pitch a tent in two minutes, start a fire with just wood and rocks, and all sorts of other tricks that would put Davey Crocket to shame.  Ultimately, however, you just want to have a good time, enjoy the outdoors, and most importantly, not be horribly uncomfortable.

The Solution

I’ll tell you a little secret about being overcoming this discomfort – it is really easy!  Just focus on the smaller details and you’ll be hailed as a forward-thinking genius.

Imagine that after a long day of doing outdoorsy things in the blazing sun, you and your camping buddy settle into your sleeping bags to catch some must needed rest. Even though you’re both tired, falling asleep outdoors isn’t that easy; after all, your sleeping bag is nothing like the warm and soft mattress you have at home.

So, what’s the easiest way to bring that comfort from home with you into the cold and wet forest? A soft pillow with a smooth satin pillowcase will do the trick.  Now imagine the looks on all of your camping mate’s face when you pull out your shiny satin pillow. It’s almost unfair! When you wake up in the morning, I can guarantee you that your camping mate with a sore neck will be thinking about your genius planning all day long.  Plus, you may be able to beat him in a few miscellaneous competitions while he works off the grogginess!