The Right Way to Sleep: Use a Satin Pillow

Here is why sleeping on satin pillows is good for your health!

It turns out that not only is a satin pillow case a pretty addition to your bedding, but it can also have added health benefits.

As the cold weather approaches, it becomes more important to have a good night sleep with silk bedding sets, which will help your body ward off infections such as the common cold and even the flu. Some of the tips mentioned include using a lot of pillows to lift your head, so the fluid drains properly.

A study, conducted by Valley Hospital in New Jersey, concluded that using a satin pillow reduces fatigue and stress. Because a satin pillow is more comfortable and smoother, people using them tend to sleep with fewer interruptions and wake up feeling more refreshed. Additionally, the study related how using a satin pillowcase is better for your hair and skin. Silk bed sheets are known for improving sleep quality and therefore improving health and productivity.

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