Mix and Match Satin Bedding

Satin Sheet Colors to Choose fromNothing says luxury quite like lush satin sheets. Only, most satin sheet sets only come in one color. What can you do if you want to match your sheets to your bedroom decor by choosing more than one satin sheet color? Well, considering purchasing satin sheets that will allow you to mix and match.

Imagine the contrast that would occur if you were to match a pearly white fitted sheet with a jewel-blue top sheet. Or, think about meshing a ruby red sheet with lush deep brown fitted sheet. When you have the power to mix and match any satin bedding that you desire, you’ll soon find out that creating a custom bedding look is as easy as creating a color scheme that you love.

Even if you aren’t crazy about mixing and matching top sheets and fitted sheets, you are sure to enjoy the look of a satin bed skirt that comes in a complimentary color. For example, a sheet set that is entire sage green will look lovely with a matching pearly-white bed skirt. This way, your sheets will appear entirely customized even though you don’t have to pay any extra money in order to create an entirely unique sheet set.

green and ruby satin sheet
Green and Ruby Satin Sheets

When you have the power to create your own unique satin sheet set, you can even dress your bed for any holiday or occasion. By mixing a ruby red fitted sheet with a sage green top sheet, your bedroom will easily become part of any Christmas decor. You can even match a pink bed ruffle with white fitted and top sheets in order to welcome the spring in style.

Satin Animal Print Pillowcases

From ruby weddings (imagine a champagne colored sheet set matched with a gold bed skirt) to a lavender bed set fit for a queen, the sky’s the limit when it comes to mixing and matching deluxe satin sheets. If you are like most homeowners, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time making sure that the inside of your home looks exactly right.

Jewel Blue Satin Flat Sheet

Well, why not take just as much time matching your bedding? After all, the final touch of any bedroom is the perfect silk bedding set – and you now have ability to create your own satin bedding set as you see fit. Go ahead – mix and match to your heart’s content. You’ll soon find that buying one bland sheet set simply doesn’t cut it.

The Right Way to Sleep: Use a Satin Pillow

Here is why sleeping on satin pillows is good for your health!

It turns out that not only is a satin pillow case a pretty addition to your bedding, but it can also have added health benefits.

As the cold weather approaches, it becomes more important to have a good night sleep with silk bedding sets, which will help your body ward off infections such as the common cold and even the flu. Some of the tips mentioned include using a lot of pillows to lift your head, so the fluid drains properly.

A study, conducted by Valley Hospital in New Jersey, concluded that using a satin pillow reduces fatigue and stress. Because a satin pillow is more comfortable and smoother, people using them tend to sleep with fewer interruptions and wake up feeling more refreshed. Additionally, the study related how using a satin pillowcase is better for your hair and skin. Silk bed sheets are known for improving sleep quality and therefore improving health and productivity.

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