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Coupon Codes

Shop Bedding occassionally shares deals and specials with our customers, ususally in the form of a coupon code for say, a discount (10,15 or 20% off reg. prices), or free shipping. The best way to stay informed of our current specials is by subscribing to our emails using the form below.

Discounts Policy

Discounts and coupons offered by Shop Bedding are usually for a limited time only. Not all products may be included in the special discounts or offers. To take advantage of our limited time coupons, be sure to place your order right away. Unfortunately, our sales reps are not able to honor specials past their end date.

Coupons for Shop Bedding advertised on other websites may not be authorized and Shop Bedding may choose not to honor them. Only coupons or discounts shown on Shop Bedding's website or sent through our emails are legitimate. 

Current Specials

Take 5% off with a $200 purchase using coupon code 5OFF. 

Free shipping in continental US on all orders with $50 minimum purchase - no coupon required. Excludes Pillows.

Other Coupons

If you're looking for general coupons, we can't help you on our site, but there are a number of sites like Coupon Surfer you can check out for great coupons!